R&P Roof Consulting

R&P Roof Consulting

Professional Roof Inspections, Evaluation, Design & Management Services

About Us

Our Experience

R&P Roof Consulting is an independent roof consulting firm with two offices  located in Southern Ontario. Established in 1988 with combined experience of 65 years, R&P Roof Consulting offer their clients a wide range of professional services.

Our Approach

R&P Roof Consulting use our industry relationships with contractors and manufacturers in your local market to form a cohesive Owner, Contractor, Consultant team. We've built trust across the country by representing Owner's and Manager's best interests at every level of roofing, from consultation through to execution.

Why Us?

R&P Roof Consulting will provide building Owners and Managers with the information needed to make educated decisions to efficiently and effectively manage their roofing asset. R&P Roof Consulting will provide documentation and direction for prolonging the useful service life of in-place roofing assemblies, and provide building Owners and Managers with the best possible roof system available when replacement is ultimately required.