R&P Roof Consulting

R&P Roof Consulting

Professional Roof Inspections, Evaluation, Design & Management Services


Roof Condition Analysis

  Periodic visual inspections can increase the service life of a roof assembly by informing a building Owner of deficient conditions and repairs needed. By performing repairs and continuing with regular inspections owners can maximize the effective service life of the roof and thereby reduce the roof’s life cycle costs. The cost of a visual roof inspection compared to the cost to replace a roof, or portion of it, prematurely can be a very wise investment. In order to realize the maximum service life of existing roofing systems, we recommend this procedure for all building owners. 

Roof Maintenance Management

R&P Roof Consulting offers a system that will assist you in determining your roofing cost management requirements. Reserve fund studies are fine but limited in that they provide conceptual averages that may not necessarily reflect your building’s individual needs and circumstances. By lending too much credence to the averages one may find himself in a situation whereby a roofing system is replaced far too early or conversely put off far too long and costly and inconvenient leaks occur.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Insurance carriers frequently depend upon our understanding of the delicate balance in settling claims that will satisfy the requirements of the policies and the expectations of the insured. In legal cases, insurance carriers have come to rely on our real-world experience to mitigate exaggerated claims.

Product / Workmanship Quality Observation and Analysis

Quality Observation and Analysis is recognized by the roofing industry as a vital component of successful Roof Construction Management. Many vital areas of a roof installation are not visible for inspection upon completion. Periodic and full-time Quality Observation & Analysis provide a set of ‘eyes’ during all phases of the installation to monitor for compliance with the contract documents and manufacturer’s standards.

Design, Drawings & Specifications for Re-roofing and Sheet Metal

Our Design Team will meet with you to select a roofing system which is Building Code Compliant and meets your performance and budget requirements. All drawings and specifications will be customized for your specific needs and site conditions. R&P Roof Consulting will conduct an onsite pre-bid meeting with qualified contractors. We will review the bids with the owner and recommend award of contract. R&P Roof Consulting will conduct a preconstruction meeting, monitor the work in progress, approve release of payments from client, review closeout documents / warranties, and conduct final a inspection. This assures the Client that they receive a quality project which will perform as expected.

Thermographic Infrared Scanning and Analysis

Thermographic Infrared Scanning can determine if, where, and to what extent detrimental moisture has compromised a roofing system. By making this determination, a building owner may have more options with regard to corrective actions. A Thermographic Infrared Scan can save the owner significant costs by allowing him/her to replace only the damaged areas of roofing rather than the entire system.